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Cherry Whiskeyfest 2021!

Last year, we embarked on a tradition, launching the first ever Barrel Proof Cherry Whiskey during a live, virtual event. The limited release coincides with the end of cherry harvest in Traverse City, meaning it can only happen once a year.

Join Co-founder, Chris Fredrickson and tasting room manager, Shelly Taberski, along with our co-hosts Breaking Bourbon, BourbonR and Bourbon Charity as we virtually release our 2021 Edition of Barrel Proof Cherry Whiskey. We’ll be celebrating cherries, great whiskey, and summer in Northern Michigan.

This is a very limited release and your chance to be a part of the debut and celebrate with us remotely on August 10th at 8PM EST. 


Buy The Kit

On August 10th, join us for a roundtable chat, discussing everything about bourbon and CHERRIES. This will be a live, virtual event and with the purchase of a kit, we look forward to you sipping along with our group, engaging in the discussion as we go behind the scenes in the creation of the Barrel Proof Cherry.

Kit Includes:

  • 200ml Barrel Proof Cherry Whiskey (2021 Edition)
  • 200ml American Cherry Edition Whiskey
  • *NEW* Cherry Whiskey Highball Seltzer
  • Highball Can Koozie
  • 450g. Premium Cocktail Cherries Jar
  • TCWC Glencairn Glass


Cherry harvest in Northern Michigan comes around once a year, at the peak of summer. That’s when we hand-pick fresh cherries at our orchard for the most ideal flavor. We take those cherries straight to the distillery so that they can be added to the whiskey.

Leading up to the cherries arrival at the distillery, our distiller chooses four of our most premium bourbon barrels from the top racks of our rickhouse that have been aging for five years. He then blends them together to create the most robust flavor, crafting the perfect balance of flavor, aroma, color, texture, and smoothness – this stage of the process is truly an art.

When the cherries arrive, they are immediately put into the batch where they rest for three days, until the flavor reaches perfect harmony. Due to the short steeping process, there is constant attention and sampling of the batch as there is a very fine line to achieve the perfect hint of cherry.

Get ready to unbox your tasting kit with us live virtually on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 at 8:00pm EST.

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